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The Sample Panel Experts

  • Do you have a difficult time keeping your samples flowing to your on line analyzers or to the sink?
  • Do you have a hard time getting maintenance performed on your Sample Panel because it is so hard to understand and work on?
  • Are your sample temperatures inconsistent and above 77įF?
  • Does your Sample Panel fail to meet current EPRI Guidelines?
  • Do you have a hard time keeping your Sample Panel in adjustment with decreased lab support and minimal evening and weekend coverage?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then Solutions, Inc. can help!

Most Sample Panels that we visit look something similar to this picture to the left. This is the backside of the sample panel at a coal fired unit in Kentucky. Most maintenance crews and instrument shops have a hard time keeping up with all the equipment that constantly fails at the sample panel. This particular facilityís instrument shop worked on this panel at least a couple times a week, but if by fluke they didnít, they always had a scheduled preventative maintenance day at the panel. Another major complaint from the instrument crew was that they couldnít work on the panel without getting burned a couple of times, which is a major safety concern.

To the right you will see the same sample panel after the rebuild by Solutions, Inc. Notice that the components are easily accessible and there is ample open space to perform your work. All of the hot samples are in a protective fiberglass sleeve. This rebuild took approximately 2 weeks and was performed while the unit was online. Solutions, Inc. has the capabilities to provide temporary online sampling during the rebuild project to allow the customer to continue operating the unit.

The benefits of choosing Solutions, Inc. over any OEM or competitor:

  • We offer custom designed solutions to fit your needs and to create an ease of operation. Every plant is different, so what works at one plant may not work for you. We cater to your needs, and your needs only!
  • We like to offer the Rolls Royce of Sample Panels, we donít cut corners to make an extra dime here and there. You only get great results. We only use the best products. Sentry Equipment conditioning components, Swagelok 316 SS tube fittings and valves, ABB Rotameters, high quality cooling water valves, and Stainless Steel fasteners are just some of the high quality products in our standard offerings.
  • Our prices also include installation. Doesnít it make sense to have the guys that build the panel install it? This saves from having a contractor in the middle messing things up.
  • We easily meet EPRI Guidelines.
  • We offer a turnkey solution for your project, we are highly capable in handling all the details of the work, including welding, machining, tube fitting, 3D or AutoCad modeling, piping, electrical, signal wiring, analyzer installation, etc.
  • We stand behind our product and offer scheduled maintenance services.

The picture to the left shows what a sample panel looked like prior to the rebuild by Solutions, inc. More than half of the sample analyzers were out of service or broken, and the technicians struggled to keep water flowing to the analyzers that were still in service. The monitors that are sitting on the cart in the picture were used by the lab technicians to verify key measurements because they did not trust the analyzers that were installed on the panel. The wet portion of the panel was constructed of Carbon Steel that had been slowly rusting away. There was no counter attached to the sink for easy grab samples.

The picture to the right shows the sample panel after Solutions, inc. finished the rebuild. These results are typical of all jobs done by Solutions, Inc. Most of the old analyzers were stripped out and replaced with new Honeywell, Swan or Hach monitors. The old mounting holes were covered up with new sheet steel and repainted. The wet portion of the panel was constructed of Stainless Steel Panels, and the samples were reorganized to make more sense to the technicians. Solutions, Inc. also supplied a new sink that has a large countertop for grab samples and bench tests.

Call today to schedule a free Sample Panel Inspection.

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