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Sample Debris Strainer

Solutions' Unique Sample Debris Strainer with integral blowdown is designed to protect expensive sampling equipment from pluggage due to suspended particles in sample streams, such as boiler drum water, main stream and reheat steam. The filter retains only those particles larger than 80 microns, which are the culprits responsible for most pluggage problems. The special twilled Dutch weave filter cloth retains particles on the outside surface of the filter element; smaller particles, which may affect the analysis (colloidal or suspend iron), pass through.
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Solutions' SDS -15-ssB is easy to install and disassemble, and the element rinses clean with water.
Stainless Steel Filter and Wetted Parts; 15sq. in.
Stainless Steel Clamp and Bolts.

Technical Details:
Rating 3000 psi at 1000 degrees F.
Weight: 7.5 lbs 1/4 in.
NPT female threaded ends

Body: All Stainless Steel
Internals: All Stainless Steel
Seal: Re-usable and Replaceable
Clamp: 4-Bolt Stainless Steel


  • Large Filter Area - 15 sq. in. standard
  • Twilled Dutch Weave Material - resists "Blinding"
  • Low Dead Volume - Less than 100 cc's
  • Integral Blowdown

  • Resources:
    Downloadable Brochure
    Downloadable Instructions